The Sightless Insight

The dawning of another year as a blind professional drummer clinician and tutor of Drum Sense this being my 20th year being the only accredited b blind drummer of this teaching programme founded by Collin Woolway!

This year I intend to take myyou on a journey developing my drumming technique to the next level and hope you will join me as I continue to develop my thoughts ideas and conepts for playing as a non sighted drummer using my new series of lessons entitled The Sightless Insight and I have wanted to musicians for a long time that the power of great communication is not through seeing your drums but from hearing them! Using my experiernce and the challenges that I have had to overcome working in the music industry as a blind drummer and sound engineer.

I am proud to have been an educational artist endorsee for Cambridge drums based in the UK and have my own custom made kit by the team which has been my dream drum set built just for me and I am also endorsing my use of Roland VAD 506 drums and Sabian Cymbals as well as Gibralter hardware and pedals.

I intend to give what I feel is a personal journey of overcoming challenges enjoying the gear that iI use as well as my thoughts and ideas on playing the drums including stick teachnique as well as my approach to playing the drums as a blind musician. I look forward the the challenge of my development over the year and hope that you might fain some Sightless insight to use in hyour playing as well. Happy new year from Steve


Phat Potato Studio

I have been involved with helping Dean Bridges set up his new studio and now involved in production at this great little new studio where there is a load of great vintage analogue synths.

Dean is very passionate about his ove and collection of vintage synth hardware and I do not think that I have seen a better collection a anywhere to date!

I will be working with Dean over the coming weeks and months on developing some great drum sample packs with his help using analogue vintage gear along with my mighty Roland VAD 506 drum set which is part of the Acoustic Dexterity arsenal!

Check out Dean’s work at

keep it aD!