Sightless Insight

Back to the future

Are we losing the art of relying on our ears for judgement and our human imperfections for natural groove and feel?

Why do we look back with admiration to music recorded decades ago and wonder what has changed? Technology has transformed an art-form created, performed and produced by our ears and given it to the eyes. Obsessed with grids and waveforms, we create sterile perfection from imperfect beings… us, the musicians. 

As a blind musician and sound engineer, I have had to develop a unique approach to performing and recording. My career has given me a remarkable insight and attitude to playing, recording and performing with others.

I want to share with you my insight and techniques to help your ears take control of your playing and musical decision making.

Steve Burge

Drum Mentor

Whether you are a complete novice, or a seasoned pro, Imagine being guided step by step through a series of drumming classes with your own personal tutor. I will share with you all of my techniques and skills I have developed through touch, memory, feel and the detail of sound. Without sight, I have had to heighten and train my other senses, I will show you how these techniques and exercises will help you develop the most powerful and intuitive skillset as a drummer.

We will also look at how to build non visual communication with other performers, making you capable of responding to the smallest of nuances as musical cues.

Production Mentor

Let me guide you through my sightless world of audio production. Yes, I use ProTools, Logic and Reaper, but I will show you how you can start building your confidence to trust and train your ears to make the decisions that you have left to your eyes to decide. 

I will take you back to basics and show you how to get the most out of less. Let’s not separate the musician from the listener by drowning every channel in plugins, but learn how to craft the best sounds out of the basic tools of compression, EQ and routing techniques. 

Are you ready to swap your click track for the human feel?

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